3 tips to cure your shy bladder syndrome

Follow these 3 tips to cure shy bladder syndrome forever. Also check out this article on how to get over shy bladder

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•    Trust in your unconscious mind

Sure, this one is easier said than done, but stick with me.

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Anxiety and conscious focus interrupt and prevent natural physical processes. When people become anxious about going to sleep, consciously trying to sleep can totally prevent the onset of sleep. Similarly, when a natural function like urinating becomes a conscious effort, then the whole process gets disrupted.

The unconscious mind takes care of so much. Blinking, digestion, erections, breathing, menstrual cycles, salivation, and many other processes are best left to the part of you that knows how to operate them: your unconscious mind.

Close your eyes before going out and tell your unconscious mind: “Today/tonight I (the conscious mind) am going to let you oversee what you do so well.” This may sound crazy, but this self-suggestion has worked for many shy bladder sufferers.

•    Overcome shy bladder by rehearsing success

Your imagination is a powerful tool. Use it.

When you are actually using the toilet at home, imagine you are in a public restroom, feeling relaxed. This will help prepare you for using one for real.

You may have noticed that some restrooms feel ‘easier’ than others; perhaps they are less busy. Make a list of easy restrooms, averagely difficult ones, and harder ones.

Take a week to use just the easier ones. Whilst using those, imagine you are using the next harder one. Imagine what it looks like. When you are in the intermediate restroom and using it, imagine using the hardest one of all.


Like any rehearsal, this constructive rehearsal can ‘train the brain’ for the real thing.

•    Vividly recall times before bashful bladder

When we recall times gone by, we don’t just remember with the mind; the body remembers too. So if I recall a time when I laughed with a friend, I may feel like laughing again. If I recall a time I was very fit, I may feel stronger now.

With your eyes closed, recall times when you were relaxed in a public restroom. Imagine seeing yourself from the outside looking calm and letting your body do what comes naturally. This will help realign your mind and body to the way things were and should be. Do this exercise regularly and it will start to feel more normal again to just use public restrooms.

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Bashful Bladder Syndrome


 Bashful bladder syndrome is considered a social anxiety disorder or phobia. It may result from a combination of physical factors and environmental conditioning in childhood.

Mild to Moderate Cases

 A mild case of paruresis can be solved by using a stall instead of a urinal. Some people, however, are unable to urinate when others are in a public restroom, or even in a nearby area.

Here is a video for you:

Severe Cases

 In severe paruresis cases, the individual cannot urinate anywhere except at home. This can severely limit social activity and cause problems with employment.

Behavioral Therapy

 People with paruresis can benefit from behavioral therapy, according to HealthScout.com. A counselor coaches them through urinating in semi-private situations to progressively more public areas.

Medical Treatment

 In moderate or severe paruresis cases, a doctor can prescribe anti-anxiety medication. People with severe cases may need to rely on a catheter to empty the bladder.

Article source: ehow.com/facts_5518821_bashful-bladder-syndrome.html

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