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Windows Firewall Options In 2014

You go on the Internet a lot or you are a small business owner? If you do, you’ll need to have a firewall. A firewall is an essential feature that protects your computer from online threats. There are many products to choose from, some free some you have to buy, and if you’re trying to identify the best firewalls of 2014, this article will introduce you to some of them.


Windows 7 Firewall Control is a useful product if you’re running a system with Windows XP or higher. You will no longer have to worry about outside attacks using this software which comes in both paid and free versions. Although you can usually rely upon the firewall that is built into Windows, this will give you extra protection.

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This software is also easy to install because it doesn’t require additional drivers for its installation. This software comes with a couple different modes (Normal, DisableAll and EnableAll) to help you protect your computer. DisableAll is used to disable your applications. EnableAll is used if you would like to shut your firewall completely off. Normal mode is where most people operate the software. So if you have a Windows-based computer, Windows 7 Firewall Control is probably the right choice for you.


ZoneAlarm Firewall Free 9.2 is a free option for protecting your Windows based system. Although Windows 7 comes with a default firewall, it’s always a good idea to enhance this with additional protection. Version 9.2 of ZoneAlarm is a welcome addition to your existing firewall, one of the better security programs available. If you drink a lot of coffee, or go to other locations that provide free Wi-Fi, this protection is absolutely necessary as it is automatic and can protect against security threats every moment that you surf. Hackers and identity thieves will not be able to get your personal data once you are using this software with anti-phishing technology. You can install this free firewall in a few minutes, and it can give you peace of mind when you go online with your computer.

As their name is telling you, Outpost Firewall Free, can be installed on any computer using Windows, as a free downloadable product. Windows already has a firewall installed with its system, but most people use something to supplement it. There are many threats to computer security, with new ones arising every day, and the built-in Windows firewall is not always sufficient at protecting you from all of these. Some free programs have more capabilities than paid programs, and this is one of those, such as malware protection, usually only found in paid security programs. Outpost Firewall Free is made by Agnitum, which also makes even more advanced security products that can be purchased online.

Most computers will need more than one type of protection, so don’t put all of your trust in your firewall that comes with the operating system. Unfortunately, hackers are busy devising new ways to break into your computer so you want to stay up to date with the latest security measures. Using a firewall from the list of the best in 2014, that we also just discussed, should eliminate all types of threats, and keep your files and data safe.…